• Combining High Availability and Multisite PSCs in vSphere 6

    There has been some confusion around creating a combined Highly Available and Multisite topology in vSphere 6.0. Its true that you can create a fully replicating string of PSCs right from the installation. However, the problem is that a default replication agreement only exists between two PSCs. So what happens when you have more than two? This offers limited redundancy options when one fails. The solution to this is to manually create a ring topology after the PSCs are installed. You might note that I’m using ring over mesh. The reasoning behind this is to limit the amount of replication […]

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  • Installing vSphere 6.0 Platform Services Controller (PSC) in High Availability mode

    Note: In this example I am using appliances for my PSCs  and the BigIP F5 Load Balancer.   Step 1. Create 3 DNS Records. Platform Services Controller 1 Platform Services Controller 2 Load Balancer VIP   Step 2. Mount the vCenter Server 6.0 Appliance ISO to a Windows VM and Install the Client Integration Plugin.   Step 3. Open the vcsa-setup.html file   Step 4. Select the Install button   Step 5. Accept the terms of the license agreement, click Next.   Step 6.Select a target ESXi host to deploy the appliance. Accept the thumbprint by clicking “Yes”   Step […]

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