• Using vRealize Log Insight to manage and review NSX Distributed Firewall rules

      The Distributed Firewall dashboards are definitely my favorite feature of vRLI. You can see the total number of firewall actions triggered, the top rule that is hit, audit events, top sources, top destinations, ports allowed or denied, and more. With all of this data, it’s possible to use vRLI to start creating your DFW rules because you will be able to see what VMs are communicating over specific ports. Near the end of this post, I will write a brief tutorial on how you can use the filter logic to determine DFW rules that need to be put in […]

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  • Using vRealize Log Insight to Manage and Troubleshoot NSX

      I recently wrote a post on how to Deploy vRealize Log Insight with the NSX Content Pack. The post outlined the initial installation, redirection of NSX component logging to vRLI and and the installation of the NSX Content Pack.In this post, I wanted to show all of the cool features of the content pack, how to use it for day to day operations, and how to use it to troubleshoot NSX. Let’s start out with creating and managing dashboards.   Creating and Managing Dashboards Custom Dashboard   To create a custom dashboard, navigate to Interactive Analytics at the top. […]

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  • Deploying vRealize Log Insight with NSX Content Pack

      For every NSX license you purchase, you also get an OSI license for vRealize Log Insight! With that said, I wanted to show everyone how to deploy vRLI and redirect your logs for NSX managers, edges, controllers and ESXi to vRLI. I will also show the configuration of the NSX content pack. If you haven’t heard of a content pack for vRLI, it is essentially a plugin that has pre-defined information about specific products using log analytics. The plugins are not limited to VMware products, you can define these plugins for Arista, HP, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Openstack, and much […]

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