• Quick stats is not up-to-date in vSphere 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5

    This error is very common and is a known issue in VMware support. The issue was resolved in ESXi 5.5b but has been popping up again with customer’s who have upgraded to 6.0. Although there is currently no resolution for vSphere 6.0, The workaround to resolve this issue in both versions is below.   Resolution through vSphere Web Client   Step 1. Log into to the vSphere Web client as a vCenter Server administrator.   Step 2. Navigate to the vCenter Server -> Manage -> Settings -> Advanced Settings     Step 3. Click Edit on the top right, then […]

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  • What is a Platform Services Controller (PSC) in vSphere 6.x

      Platform Services Controller   With vSphere 6.0 introduced, along came the Platform Services Controller, or PSC for short. The best way to think of the PSC is Single Sign-On (SSO) plus more. What is “more” you ask? Let’s start with the deployment options. The PSC can be deployed as either a Windows Server or an Appliance. You can either embedded your PSC or use it as an external PSC (See Software and Hardware Requirements). In my opinion, I would always deploy the PSC externally because it will future proof your environment if your infrastructure is growing. For a list […]

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