Upgrading NSX 6.2.2 to NSX 6.3 – Part 3

This is the third and final part of the upgrade series. If you haven’t completed the first two parts, please refer to the following links.

The final few steps that need to be completed during the upgrade are below.

  • Change VXLAN port (Optional)
  • Upgrade NSX Edges and DLRs
  • Upgrade Guest Introspection
  • Check with Partner Vender if using third party service insertion
  • Complete Post-Upgrade Checklist

Let’s start with changing the VXLAN port. This is an optional step that doesn’t have to be completed, but depending on your circumstances, you might want to update the port. Starting with NSX 6.2.3 the default VXLAN port is UDP 4789. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 6.2.3, or have upgraded previously, the VXLAN port assigned was UDP 8472. This was assigned from IANA as standard, and our documents are updated to reflect this new port. If you get into a situation where you need to troubleshoot, it could cause a headache if you weren’t aware of the port change, therefore I am including the process.
Note: If you are using hardware VTEPs, you must take this action.
You used to have to use an API call to change this, but we have included it in the GUI to make it easier for our customers who are upgrading and were using the old port. Log into the vSphere Web Client and navigate to Installation -> Logical Network Preparation and click the Change button.
Enter port 4789 and click OK. This process is non-disruptive and will not affect any VXLAN traffic.
The next step is to upgrade your NSX Edges and DLRs. To upgrade, simply navigate to NSX Edges, highlight your edge, click Action -> Upgrade Version.
Note: Before attempting an upgrade on any Edges with L2 VPN or SSL VPN enabled, please screenshot or note the configuration, then delete the configuration. This service can’t be upgraded and needs to be recreated after the upgrade.
Once complete, the version will now show 6.3.0.
I won’t be going through the final three items as they are unique situations depending on what use cases you are utilizing for NSX, but I do want to provide some documentation. If you are using guest introspection, please see the following link for steps on Upgrading the Guest Introspection Service VMs. You will also want to check with our partners if you are using service insertion or third party integration. Finally, make sure to run through the Post-Upgrade Checklist to confirm everything is working appropriately. This concludes the three-part upgrade series. Please let me know if this was useful and or if you have any questions!

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Sean Whitney


  1. Karl -  August 17, 2017 - 4:45 am 601

    Great walkthru! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Steven -  January 15, 2018 - 7:46 am 627

    Hi Sean, in which point do you upgrade your ESXIs and vCenter to 6.5?

    I am running 6.2.4 and would like to upgrade to the 6.3.X branch due to the EOL support agreement which is in 6 months.



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