Shifting Focus to NSX and VMware Integrated OpenStack

run_NSXIt has been a few months since I have been in the blog game and I am going to step it back up. The reason for my absence over the last few months has been my recent transition within VMware. As many of you know, I was an Escalation Engineer on the Systems Operations team where I supported vCenter Server, ESXi, PSC, SSO, certificates, and anything generally related to the management of a vSphere Environment.

In early July I moved over to the NSX and VMware Integrated Openstack team so I could focus on Software Defined Networking and the private cloud. I truly see VMware making huge strides to become the leader of SDN and I see high potential for future career growth. I moved back to a Senior Technical Support Engineer, essentially taking a step back, in order to take a step forward. Well, it has paid off as I recently was promoted to an Escalation Engineer (again!) but now on the NSX / VIO team.

I have a strong belief in both of these products growing exponentially as well as playing a huge role in datacenters moving forward and I couldn’t be happier with my move. With that said, a large majority of my posts will shift to focus on NSX and VIO installation, upgrades, configuration, management, known issues and much more! I hope to make a tremendous impact on any knowledge gaps in the VMware community as I know these are new and emerging products in the Software Defined Datacenter.

Thanks for everyone’s kind words and support of my blog so far, I have been getting a lot of amazing feedback on the help my blog has provided to the virtualization community and I hope to continue this momentum!

PS: Don’t worry, my colleague, Chris Morrow, will continue to co-author posts on vCenter, ESXi, PSC etc. and continue where I left off!

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Sean Whitney


  1. Kai -  October 13, 2015 - 12:03 am 287

    Congrats Sean!

    Looking forward to reading from you!

    • Sean Whitney -  October 13, 2015 - 9:23 pm 291

      Thanks, Kai!

  2. faisal -  October 23, 2015 - 8:17 pm 310

    I know you will manage it SDN easily.
    I am also moving towards VRA and NSX.


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