Connect a Logical Switch to an NSX Edge

In this section, we will attach a logical switch to an NSX Edge. The NSX edge can either be the Edge Services Gateway (ESG) or a Distributed Logical Router (DRL). You can think of this as attaching a switch to a router in the physical world, the concept is the same.
Step 1. Log into the vSphere Web Client and navigate to Networking & Security -> Logical Switches. Select the Logical Switch that you would like to add to an Edge Device and click the Icon shown below to Add NSX Edge
Step 2. Select The NSX Edge Device that you would like to add the Logical Switch to, then click Next
Step 3. Select the Edge Interface that you would like to attach then click Next. Note: The ESG has 10 interfaces by default, I am selecting a new one so I will have to assign an IP address.
Step 4. Provide a Name for the interface, leave Internal selected, and change the Connectivity Status to connected. To configure the IP for the interface, click the + icon.
Step 5. Specify the IP Address and Subnet prefix length then click OK
Step 6. Click Next
Step 7. Click Finish
Your Logical Switch is now connected to your ESG (or DRL)!

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