Connect or Disconnect virtual machines to or from a Logical Switch in NSX


Connect Virtual Machines to a Logical Switch

Step 1. Log into the vSphere Web Client and navigate to Networking & Security -> Logical Switches. Right Click on the Logical Switch for which you would like to add the Virtual Machines and select Add VM
Step 2. Select the VMs you would like to add by checking the appropriate box, then click Next
Step 3. Select the Virtual Machines vNIC(s). Note: My VM only has one vNIC; if a VM has multiple vNICs then you can either attach one, many vNICs to the logical switch.
Step 4. Confirm your selections, then hit Finish

Disconnect Virtual Machines from a Logical Switch

Step 1. To Disconnect a Virtual Machine from a logical switch, right click on the Logical Switch, then select Remove VM
Step 2. Select the VM that you would like to remove, then hit OK

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