Deploy the NSX Manager virtual appliance

NSX Manager is a the centralized management component of NSX and is deployed as a virtual appliance. You can map one NSX manager appliance to one vCenter Server. Deploying the NSX manage appliance is fairly easy, but as it is covered in the blueprint I am going to go over it. Most of the deployment options are the same between 6.0.x or 6.1.3 (which is the newest version of the NSX manager appliance at the time of this post). I am going to deploy NSX manager 6.0.7 so that I can upgrade it as this will be covered in a later section of the blueprint.
Step 1. Download the NSX Manager appliance from VMware’s site: NSX Manager Download.
Step 2. Right Click on your cluster and select “Deploy OVF Template…” (Make sure your Client Integration Plugin is installed)
Step 3. Select the NSX Manager Appliance and hit Next
Step 4. Select the check-box Accept extra configuration options then hit Next
Step 5. Select Accept and hit Next to accept the EULA (Read the whole thing of course 😉 )
Step 6. Select a Name and destination Folder then hit Next
Step 7. Select your virtual disk format and Datastore then hit Next
Step 8. Select your Destination Network then hit Next
Step 9. Create a CLI “admin” User Password and CLI Privilege Mode User Password then hit Next
Step 10. Expand out the Network properties and enter a(n) Hostname, IP Address, Netmask, and Default Gateway You can also specify DNS
Step 11. At the bottom, expand DNS and Services Configuration Specify your DNS Server List, Domain Search List, NTP Server list, and select Enable SSH then hit Next
Step 12. Select Power on after deployment then hit Finish

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