Import and Export Service Composer profiles

A service composer profile are where you combine multiple different actions like a Guest Introspection Services, Firewall Rules, and Network Introspection Services into one profile. In order to import or export service control profiles, please follow the directions below.

Export Service Composer Profiles

Step 1. Open the vSphere Web Client and navigate to Networking and Security -> Service Composer -> Security Policies. You will noticed, I have created a test Security policy already to use for the export and import.
Step 2. Right Click on the Policy and select Export Configuration
Step 3. Provide a Name, Description, and Prefix then click Next
Step 4. Check the Security Polices that you would like to export then click Next
Step 5. Click Finish

Import Service Composer Profiles

Step 6. To import the security policy, click on the Import Configuration button
Step 7. Browse for the Configuration and provide a Suffix (optional) then click Next
Step 8. Click Finish

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