Troubleshoot Data Security issues in NSX

We have already covered how to Deploy Data Security in NSX, but there is a bit more if you want to troubleshoot issues that you might have. The first place to check is on the Service Deployments tab under Netwroking & Security -> Installation. As you can see below, a deployment of VMware Data Security has failed to install in my environment.
To see what the error is, click on the Failed icon and hover over Reason.
Mine failed to installed due to no VMware Endpoint being installed in the cluster that I was deploying VMware Data Security. After you review the issue, and fix the problem, you should be able to click the Resolve button next to the error.
The Installation Status should show Success
The problems that I have ran into, have all gave very good error messages so it should be fairly simple to review the message to determine what is wrong. If you are unable to determine the problem based on the error message given, you may want to review the NSX Manager logs for more information.

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