Troubleshoot DHCP service issues in NSX

The first thing to check when troubleshooting DHCP service issues is to confirm that the service is up and running. To do this, you will log into the Edge device via SSH and run the following command. This will also display any edge dhcp lease information.

vShield-edge-3-0> show service dhcp
vShield Edge DHCP Server Status:
Service dhcpd is running.

vShield Edge DHCP Lease Info:

You can also check the dhcp configuration by running the following command. As you can see, I have not configured anything in my lab for DHCP, but it will display any configuration that you have.

vShield Edge DHCP Config:
   "dhcp" : {
      "enable" : false,
      "logging" : {
         "enable" : true,
         "logLevel" : "info"
      "relay" : null,
      "bindings" : {}

Next, I recommend that you enable logging for DHCP. You can do this by navigating to Networking & Security -> NSX Edges and double click the Edge device with DHCP. Then, navigate to Manage -> DHCP and check the box Enable logging.
I set my log level to info, but you can go as high as debug, which should capture the most logging. I wouldn’t leave it set to debug though as it can eat up resources, just use it for troubleshooting any DHCP service issues that you may have. To view the log, run the command below.

vShield-edge-3-0> show log

Finally, you can release all DHCP leases by running the following commands. Note: This will delete all of your DHCP leases, you cannot choose which ones will be deleted.

vShield-edge-3-0> enable
vShield-edge-3-0# clear service dhcp lease


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