Troubleshoot NSX Manager services

To troubleshoot NSX Manager service issues, the main place you will want to look is the NSX Manager log. To access the log, log into the NSX Manager service via SSH, and run the following command.

nsxmgr-l-01a> show manager log

If the service is crashing, or not starting, you can look at the bottom of the log to see the latest entries and it should give you more information on why it’s not starting.
To view the log from the bottom up, run the following command.

nsxmgr-l-01a> show manager log reverse

I would look at any logs that have the word ERROR, WARNING, FATAL, or EXCEPTION
You can also view the services and their status in the gui, by navigating to http://IP_OR_FQDN and navigating to Summary You can see the vPostgres, RabbitMQ, NSX Manager Service, and SSH Service status, as well as attempt to stop or start each of the services. Again, if a service fails to start, I would refer to the NSX Manager log for more information

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