vRealize Automation 7.2 Deployment Part 4 – Creating Fabric Groups and Business Groups

The next step in the vRA deployment process is to create both Fabric Groups and Business Groups. Fabric Groups are a way to group compute resources through the selections of vCenter Clusters. Business Groups are the mapping of the users to certain set of resources and services, usually this is in the form of a business unit.
Both of these steps are required in order to be able to move forward and create blueprints in vRA.
To set up a Fabric group, log into vRA with the tenant admin and navigate to Infrastructure -> Endpoints -> Fabric Groups. Click New and select a name, users for the Fabric Group, and the compute resources. Click Finish when you have defined the Fabric Group.

Before creating a Business Group, a machine prefix needs to be created. A machine prefix is exactly like it sounds, whenever resources are deployed from a specific Business group, the prefix will be added to the machine. For instance, if I have a machine prefix of “devops-lab” all VMs deployed from the Business Group will be deployed as devops-lab-1, devops-lab-2… you get the point.
To create a machine prefix, navigate to Infrastructure -> Administration -> Machine Prefixes. Click on New, provide a name, number of digits, and the next number. I have mine prefix as “devops” with 3 total numbers, starting at 500. The first machine should be devops-500.

We can now create a Business Group. To create a new Business Group navigate to Administration -> Users and Groups -> Business Groups. Click new and provide a name and email address, then click next.

Provide a group manager, support, and user role then click next. It’s not best practice, but I am just using an administrator role for all three.

Finally, provide the machine prefix you previously created. Optionally, you can provide an AD container. Click finish to save the changes.

There is really only one more required step in order to be able to start creating the blueprints, and that is to create a new reservation. Reservations are a mapping of a set or subset of fabric group resources to a business group. Please see the next post on creating reservations in vRA.
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